Event Introduction

September 16th-18th

W Shanghai, 66, Lvshun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China


(Sept. 14-15th)

Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon will bring together the world's excellent teams to develop real-world scenario applications. In the two-day hackathon, you will see a thrilling competition among the brilliant technical teams. Generous bonuses, exclusive industry opportunities are waiting for you! Founders and leaders from the global mainstream technology platforms will serve as judges or special guests, providing a unique opportunity for community interaction.

Venue(150 Participants): to be held in independent location and requires extra registration in advance. Click HERE to learn more

Demo Day For Global Projects

(Sept. 16th)

With the rapid developments in the industry, blockchain and its applications are changing the way in which we conduct business and participate in societal processes.

In Demo Day, over 50 excellent blockchain-oriented startups and projects, with their respective field of applications, will be able to present their progress and development to industry participants, providing an unique opportunity to understand the promise and potential values of blockchain technology.

The 5th Global Blockchain Summit

(Sept. 17-18th)

A decade has already passed since the release of Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, during which blockchain has shown remarkable momentum and impact.
With the progresses and applications brought by technologies such as cross-chain and privacy-preserving computing, the next decade will be crucial to blockchain’s mainstream adoption.

The 5th Global Blockchain Summit will invite representatives from various industries to explore the possible commercial applications and share their insight regarding the developing trends of blockchain in the new decade.





Hot Topics





The conference covers a wide range of topic relating to blockchain.


Demo Day

Demo Day for Global Projects

Please send the following information to summit@blockchainlabs.org
1. Company name
2. Product description
3. Team background
4. Current stage
Deadline: August 31, 2019

The project for application must already be adopted in production environment.

Benefits & Awards: 1)All participating projects will be granted Excellent Demo Award for Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2019.
2)Demo Day will be recorded and shared with global media platforms.


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Through Ticket USD 878*
(Sept.16-18th,W Shanghai)

*Note*:Tickets are being sold online with limited supply. The venue will implement strict and independent security detail. No additional tickets or exceptions will be arranged at the venue even for special circumstances or for persons with special connections.

Event Venue : W Shanghai-The Bund, Located on the North Bund fronts with spectacular panoramic views over the Huangpu River and Shanghai's iconic Pudong skyline including the famous Oriental Pearl Tower. 374 Rooms including 35 Suites with bund view, 5 B&F venues ,5,800 SQM function space. With 2050sqm and a capacity of over 100 tables the Great Room at W Shanghai – The Bund is the largest event space in a hotel in Puxi and second largest in Shanghai, with view of Pudong's skyscrapers.

Location:W Shanghai, No.66 Lvshun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China

Location in Chinese:上海市虹口区旅顺路66号W酒店

Please click here to make a reservation at W hotel. The price and terms of the reservation will be entirely determined by the hotel.


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Our summits have been reflecting the development of blockchain

Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs every autumn, the New Economy-themed Global Blockchain Summit is an influential and big upscale blockchain events globally. The first Global Blockchain Summit was hosted at 15th, October, 2015. It was the earlier public blockchain event in China.

From 19-24th September 2016, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and the Ethereum Foundation hosted a 6 days long Shanghai Blockchain Week together, which included DevCon2, Demo Day, and 2nd Global Blockchain Summit. More than 1000 speakers and participants from around the world have attended, bringing the development and status of the blockchain industry in China to a whole new level. Click here for more details.

From 14-16th September, 2017, the 3rd Global Blockchain Summit,“Blockchain New Economy: Breaking Dawn”, was hosted at W hotel, Shanghai, where more than 1000 participants from various industries around the world have attended. In the event, world-renowned speakers have shared their thoughts on topics regarding the application, regulation, and the future trend of blockchain technology. Click here for more details.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2018 consisted of Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon, Tech Open Day, the 4th Global Blockchain Summit that themed as ‘Blockchain New Economy: Tech Exploration’. The Hackathon gathered 100+ developers from around the world to demonstrate their innovate ideas through competition within limited timeframe. On Tech Open Day, founders and developers from major blockchain platforms introduced the latest development of their projects. On Summit Days, representatives from various industries to share their insight regarding the solutions empowered by blockchain technology, envisioning the true value of blockchain technology in future industrial application. Click here for more details.

The Host

Funded by China Wanxiang Holdings, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs is a non-profit research institution focusing on Blockchain technology. Wanxiang Blockchain Labs provides support for the research, entrepreneurship, developments and applications in the industry. It will also provide reference information for regulatory bodies. Overall, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs dedicate itself to the promotion and application of Blockchain industry, and to explore how the technology will be contributing to the development of the economy and the society.


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