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About Us

Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc., formerly known as Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, was established in 2017. Funded by China Wanxiang Holdings, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs is a non-profit research institution focused on Blockchain technology. Wanxiang Blockchain Labs provides support for the research, entrepreneurship, developments and applications in the industry. It will also provide reference information for regulatory bodies. Overall, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has been dedicating itself to the promotion and application of Blockchain industry, and to exploring how the technology will be contributing to the development of the economy and the society. As the first research organization in China determined to support the development of blockchain technology globally, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has been hosting global blockchain summits in China, which have become one of the most influential industrial events in Asia. Through these efforts, participants from various industries have shown great interest in blockchain technology and the potential of what it could bring to the world.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week

The Global Blockchain Summits and Shanghai International Blockchain Week, hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs every autumn since 2015, have been an influential and iconic industrial events in Asia. Every year, vanguards from blockchain and other industries from all over the world are gathered to discuss the development trend, challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology. For now, the event has been held for eight years.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2021

Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2020

Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2019

Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2018

Blockchain New Economy
-Breaking Dawn
The 3rd Global Blockchain Summit

Blockchain New Economy

Blockchain New Economy

Public Lessons

What is Blockchain
Public BlockChain and Private BlockChain
Six Layer Model of Blockchain
What is DAO
What is Bitcoin Mining
Ethereum and Smart Contract