• Blockchain Will Help Us Migrate To The Digital World Gradually.
  • Blockchain Will Be The Future Of Finance----Inclusive,Intelligent,Transboundary.

Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.

China Wanxiang Holdings has been executing its strategic plan in the field of blockchain technology since 2015. Now, Wanxiang Blockchain Inc. has built a blockchain ecosystem which includes Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Wanxiang Blockchain Business Consulting Service, Wanxiang Chainbase Accelerator, and Wancloud. With these initiatives, Wanxiang Blockchain is promoting the development of blockchain industry in China in the aspects of technology, capital, resources, and more.

Public Lessons

What is blockchain? "What is Blockchain":An introduction to Blockchain and its application in financial and other sectors.
Ethereum and Smart Contracts "Ethereum and Smart Contracts":An introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contract, and its potentials and limitations.
Wanxiang Blockchain Labs An introduction to Wanxiang Blockchain Labs

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