Winners of BlockGrantX #4 published

Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has successfully conducted the 4th event of its sponsorship program, BlockGrant X #4.

As a result , 38,000 USD funding has offered to 2 winning projects in this event . We'll be contacting the winners to confirm the details of the grant .
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Wanxiang Blockchain Labs 万向区块链实验室 Wangxiang blockchain labs is a frontier research institution focused on blockchain technology . In order to promote and support blockchain technology globally, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs is setting up a sponsorship program for those projects with unique attributes in this field, such as innovativeness and utility.
Wanxiang Blockchain Labs 万向区块链实验室 Wanxiang Blockchain Labs reserve the ultimate right to interpret the terms and conditions of this sponsorship program.  

Terms and conditions

The sponsorship program is designed to award those open-source projects in the field of blockchain technology with GPL or MIT licence. In order to fund the projects which are in the most urgent need of funding, a disclosure of current funding or pending funding from other sources is required.

The applicants should fill out the “application form” with the necessary details, such as Justification for the budget. A detailed report should be provided with each milestone. Failure of delivering the milestones on time could result in the reconsideration of the continue funding.

The sponsorship program is allowed to share information submitted by the applicants to the global community by default unless it is otherwise specified by the applicants.

Procedure of application

The procedure works as follows in each event at the current stage:

1. Applicants should submit their applications to our e-mail address with the “application form” as an attachment before each deadline. Wanxiang Blockchain Labs will inform the deadlines of each event in advance via official website, Wechat public platform and various medias.

2. A global panel consists of experts from various industries will then conduct a primary selection base on viability, significance, innovativeness and utility within 2 weeks and determine the final budget for each winner at their discretion.

Application form

   Click the link below to Download application form:


Wanxiang Blockchain Labs 万向区块链实验室 Please submit a proper application with the format that we've provided , or the application would be ignored.
Wanxiang Blockchain Labs 万向区块链实验室 The sponsorship program will be held in every two months(6 events/year) in the current plan.

Payment schedule

The sponsorship program will be held in every two months(6 events/year), The global panel will allocate the budget to one or more winning projects, and the budget in each event could be adjusted by the global panel base on different circumstances, such as the number of qualified projects at that time or other reasonable considerations.

The payment to each winner will be divided into three phases within one year. The first payment will be executed after the announcement of winning projects in each event. The second and third payments will be executed after the delivery of significant milestones and relevant reports approved by the global panel.

Payments will be made in USD and crypto-currencies with the corresponding value. (eg. 50% Bitcoin, 50% Ether).

Result--Winners of BlockGrantX #4

iEx.ecEthereum8000Fully Distributed Cloud Computing for HPC and Big Data(A Protocol for Verified File Transfer)
Proof-of-identityEthereum30000KYC, wallets, multisig, voting, authentication,reputation systems

As a result , 38,000 USD funding has offered to 2 winning projects in this event .
Wanxiang Blockchain Labs 万向区块链实验室

Result--Winners of BlockGrantX #3

TrueBitEthereum10000a system which correctly enforces computationally-intensive smart
Micro OraclesEthereum5000Micro oracles for distributed identity verification: proof-of-phone and proof-of-social network.

As a result , 15,000 USD funding has offered to 2 winning projects in this event .

Result--Winners of BlockGrantX #2

Blockchain Evidenceindependent6500Research on the legal effect of Blockchain-based evidence.
PeeredEthereum4200Use WebRTC and Ethereum to create new applications that are completely Peer to Peer
Careers Networking APIBitcoin, Ethereum10000An API allows recruiters and HR departments to verify candidates’ claims on the blockchain.
Raiden NetworkEthereum10000Ethereum offchain state network
Ethereum for resource-constrained devicesEthereum10000Bringing Ethereum to the resource-constrained devices

As a result , 40,700 USD funding has offered to 5 winning projects in this event .

Result--Winners of BlockGrantX #1:Genesis

BTC RelayEthereum,Bitcoin6000Bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin
CasperEthereum10000A security-deposit based PoS consensus protocol
DappleEthereum10000Smart contract package management system
IOTAIndependent4000Internet of Things/Real time micro-transactions
Liquid DemocracyEthereum2500Decentralized decision making mechanism
Ground TruthBlockchain agnostic30000Research on a new consensus mechanism
RANDAOEthereum, maybe Blockchain agnostic8300A new random number generation mechanism
State ChannelsBlockchain agnostic12500Scalability and performance research
GolemEthereum16700P2P based computational platform

As a result , 100,000 USD funding has offered to 9 winning projects in this event . By now, the program has executed the first stage of the payment, and the rest of the payment will be executed after the delivery of the respective milestones of each project.